Dr. "xxxMzCatxxx" (AKA Catie Wilkins, Art Historian @ USF) — Submit for your B.S. in Medical Humanities at Judy Genshaft

Dr. “xxxMzCatxxx” (AKA Catie Wilkins, Art Historian @ USF) — Submit for your B.S. in Medical Humanities at Judy Genshaft College of (DIS) Honor, University of South Florida



Dr. Catherine Wilkins of Medical Humanities of University of South Florida…

This teacher is a fraud and a liar.

What will you teach my child? How to be the next generation of liars to cheat in college and cheat on their scholarships?

Teach my student how to commit adultery?

If I send my art student to USF, will you steal their art ideas, too?

Dr. Catherine Wilkins — You steal the talent of others.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins — Will you show my child how to defraud charities, just like you did?

Dr. Catherine Wilkins — Will you teach my child how to cover-up all their lies, so they can get promoted, just like you?

By example, this professor teaches others how to cheat on their scholarships, lie on resumés, lie to their professors, fake credentials, dishonestly accuse others in order to hide what they did themselves, and cover-up until they get away with their frauds. That’s a lot to teach, but Dr. Catherine Wilkins does it by example.

USF: My child deserves better than Dr. Catherine Wilkins.

Scum! Even though her fiancé is dying of cancer, Dr. Catherine Wilkins cheats “for the thrill of it.” And because she thinks she can get away with it. Plus (profit/line her pockets) by scamming charities and universities.

How can we believe anything you say?

Does not have a good record with the truth.

What is the truth Dr. Catherine Wilkins?


NEH GRANT | Judy Genshaft Honors College | Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ Actions say: When I am abusing someone, I just need to say: “I am taking care of them.” | Dr. Wilkins’ academic abuses diminish the arts and medical humanities.


Dr. Catherine Wilkins:

Should a person that has a history of academic fraud and medical patient abuse be co-leading projects and NEH grants in medical humanities?


This is an academic liability and medical absurdity that Dr. Catherine Wilkins, who has:

Lied profusely on her résumés, other funding request applications, and to university professors and other persons,


Nearly help lead to the death of a cancer patient through neglect, abuse, obstruction, and lying about care-taking and paying medical bills in attempts to steal funds or gain employment and advancement for herself,

Is co-leading projects and grants in medical humanities.

The veracity and sincerity of many of Dr. Wilkins’ statements and actions, past and present, cannot be trusted.

— — — — — —
— — — — — —


Funded Projects Query Form

Grant number: AKB-265735-19


University of South Florida (Tampa, FL 33620-9951)
Benjamin Scott Young (Project Director: October 2018 to present)
Catherine Wilkins (Co Project Director: April 2019 to present)
Medical Humanities in a Global Context

Implementation of a new general education pathway in the Honors College that would integrate the humanities into the institution’s medical and global programs.

The Honors College at the University of South Florida proposes to develop ten new, and seven revised, interdisciplinary courses as part of a new program entitled “Medical Humanities in a Global Context.” These integrated interdisciplinary courses will offer students a pathway through the USF Honors College curriculum and aims to cultivate more critical, holistic, and experiential perspectives on health and human experience.

Project fields:
Interdisciplinary Studies, General

Humanities Connections Implementation Grants

Education Programs

Total amounts:
$98,483 (approved)
$90,726 (awarded)

Grant period:
5/1/2019 – 4/30/2022

— — — — — —
— — — — — —


Why do the actions of Dr. Catherine Wilkins matter?


When a medical patient goes to USF campus to report evidence of Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ cheating and abuses, patient is instantly admonished by Dr. Wilkins’ arts professor. Dr. Wilkins engages in coverup and gaslighting to both the patient and USF, and continues various abuses on the patient. Dr. Wilkins for years does everything she can to prevent the patient reporting abuses.

Dr. Wilkins takes advantage of patient’s near-death and weakened state.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins then proceeds with her long career, now including community engagement programs such as “Connections: Mental Healthcare, Community Engagement, and Art” with the Tampa Museum of Art and a patient-shadowing program with the Emergency Medicine division of Tampa General Hospital.

Also this year, Dr. Wilkins led an Honors course entitled “How to Make History.” This course is a collaboration with St. Petersburg Beach Public Library and the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins is now the Interim Assistant Dean of University of South Florida Honors College.

Dr. Wilkins is also Director of Medical Humanities Curriculum for the Morsani College of Medicine.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins used and abused the patient’s near-death medical condition (and appropriated other life details) in fraudulent applications and statements in which Dr. Catherine Wilkins attempted to receive funding, credit, and false honor for medical bills she never paid and care-taking she never gave.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins also used these false claims of good deeds, sacrifice, and accomplishment to promote her entire career in the arts and its connection to medicine and mental health.

It is ironic that Dr. Catherine Wilkins abused and detrimentally traumatized a cancer patient’s mental health, and used the information she gained and the false statements she made to have a career where she teaches courses such as “Connections: Mental Healthcare, Community Engagement, and Art.”

The medical patient, fighting cancer and the effects of chemotherapy alone, did not know all of Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ fraudulent uses of them and their near-death condition, but has tried to report her many times. Often the medical patient was too weak, or afraid the increased stress or time-and-energy-and-resource-consuming effort would kill them. Sometimes it nearly did.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ falsified and exaggerated applications for funding, and the related events, brings to light many issues and calls for many questions, among them:

Students, teachers, and professors may now say:

The “gloss” individuals put on themselves really works. Exaggeration and lies are effective.

Why can’t I cheat, exaggerate, and fabricate entire stories and actions on my scholarships, grants, or job applications? Dr. Wilkins did and got promoted many times.

Why can’t I cheat on my assignments or tests? Dr. Wilkins cheats.

Why can’t I invent positive deeds I never did? Dr. Wilkins invents.

Why do I actually have to do something, instead of just saying I did something?

Why can’t I take credit from others? Dr. Wilkins steals credit from what other people do.

Why do I have to report academic dishonesty or abuses? I can just say I filed a report, but not. I can even create fabricated evidence of filing a report, but not. That’s what Dr. Wilkins did.

If I am accused or about to be reported for academic cheating or abuses, I can just obfuscate, lie, coverup, and prevent the reporter or abused from informing authorities. That’s what Dr. Wilkins did.

It says it is okay to admonish the victim when trying to report academic dishonesty and abuse. (When a report could have been made earlier in person, Dr. Wilkins’ USF arts teacher at the time admonished the victim/medical patient and supported Dr. Wilkins.)

It says I can teach within the fields or related subjects that I committed my abuses. Dr. Wilkins does. (Dr. Wilkins should not be around medical patients.)

It says when an academic requests funding, they may lie and exaggerate on applications about their work, deeds, hardships, and expenses, and really go on vacations and personal trips to exotic locales for enjoyment.

It calls into question all of Dr. Wilkins’ academic history; all of Dr. Wilkins’ scholarship applications, grant writing, written papers, her own recommendations from others, and her recommendations of or to others.

It calls into question all of Dr. Wilkins’ written papers or oral statements of claimed knowledge or research.

It calls into question all of Dr. Wilkins’ written papers or oral statements of claimed accomplishment.

It calls into question from those foundations and charities giving scholarships and grants, that Dr. Wilkins fabricates when requesting funding.

It calls into question all of Dr. Wilkins’ professional relationships, especially those with superiors, and if any have turned personal or sexual in ways that are unethical, dishonorable, or unbecoming of the institutions of education. It calls into question Dr. Wilkins’ active or willing participation in any such affairs or their coverups.

It provides many negative examples of lacking personal and relationship integrity, not merely professional. Teachers are role models. Students seeing how Dr. Wilkins conducts a personal life of adultery and dishonesty have their personal relationship foundations eroded if they follow her real-life example. Personal integrity at home, is as important (if not more so) as professional integrity. Ultimately, all integrity is interconnected.

It says Machiavellian tactics are helpful and productive to the individual.

It tells society, foundations, and charities to be increasingly weary of financial scams involving cancer (or any medical need). This tells society to disregard requests to help those with cancer, as it may be fraudulent. This is an immense detriment to those truly suffering from cancer, who need lifesaving funds and support.

The person that Dr. Wilkins deceptively uses in her request for funding applications is an abused orphan. This tells society they may further abuse an orphan, use an orphan’s status for their own gain, and not actually care for an orphan; just say they cared for them as they are in reality further being abused, whether child or adult. This says society may appropriate and dishonestly use to advantage the status of a weaker person, to increase and benefit the status of a more well-off person.

The person that Dr. Wilkins deceptively uses in her request for funding applications is a minority. This tells society that a Caucasian or race dominant in any society may continue to use, abuse, manipulate, disregard, steal from, gain from, appropriate from, and take advantage of a minority.

The person that Dr. Wilkins deceptively uses in her request for funding applications is a cancer patient. This tells society that medical patients have no rights. Medical patients may be used for illicit gain, manipulated, and abused — even as it leads to more suffering, more health issues, magnified health issues, mental trauma, and even if it may lead to the patients’ death or near-death through neglect, abuse, delays, or obstruction. It says medical patients may be used for unlawful gain.

It tells society when I commit consensual adultery, I can appropriate “rape” as my cover story. This has endless negative consequences for real-life rape victims and victims of sexual harassment or assault, and their ability to report such abuse and be taken seriously. While adultery should never be committed, this also has negative consequences for the person engaging in consensual adultery and being accused of rape. While both are immoral, there is a difference.

The medical patient Dr. Wilkins uses in her fraudulent applications for funding and honor, is also a real-life multiple-incident rape survivor from childhood. Appropriating “rape” to defend oneself in committing consensual adultery (as Dr. Wilkins tried to in a related incident with David Brodosi, also of USF) is an atrocity to real-life rape survivors. Real-life rape victims suffer enough from the incident, and suffer enough from their struggle for justice. Rape should never be appropriated to excuse the guilt of adultery (as Dr. Wilkins tried to).

It says when I am abusing someone, I just need to say: “I am taking care of them.”

Dr. Wilkins’ academic abuses may diminish the arts and humanities in the eyes of others. Artists already struggle for accreditation, funding, and respect.

It says honor at an Honors College is just a name, but not a reality.

It says one does not need true integrity, they just have to fake integrity. That integrity is superficial.


Cancer Funding Scams and Fraudulent Resumés

While a person under Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ supposed “care” was fighting cancer, Catherine Wilkins was neglecting and mentally abusing them until they nearly died, and Dr. Wilkins was trying to line her pockets with Cancer Funding Scams, Scholarship Scams, and career advancement with Fraudulent Resumés, when Dr. Catherine Wilkins was really taking vacations and committing rampant adultery with both men and women and a USF supervisor.


* * * * * * * * * * * *


* * * * * * * * * * * *

Introduction to USF HONORS COLLEGE Professor, Dr. Catherine Wilkins:

Dr. Wilkins Lies About Going into Debt Helping Cancer Patient, in Her Personal Scam for Scholarship Money.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins of USF HONORS COLLEGE: Cheats in college and her personal life repeatedly.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Deceives many about falling into debt while paying a dying cancer patient’s medical bills, in her personal scam for scholarship money. This is a scam created by Dr. Wilkins to receive scholarship funds for USF. (She did not pay any medical bills, nor incur any related debt. Dr. Wilkins simply lied, and wanted money for herself and personal purposes.)

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Fabricates large amounts of crucial details on college scholarship.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Often lied to USF professors and faculty.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Commits adultery, has sex with USF faculty.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Fills up USF work computers with porn, sex stories, and sexual messages from her boss at USF.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Accuses USF boss of rape in her attempt to cover-up their adultery, and abuse of school property and positions.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: While committing adultery (and claiming she is taking care of a cancer patient): Username is “Cat” on the sex hookup website “Adult Friend Finder.” Requests sexual flings, encounters, and one-night stands with men, women, threesomes, more.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Appropriates, steals, takes, and copies from others.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Falsifies and fabricates entire stories.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Abuses an artist cancer patient to advance her college career.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Causes patient extreme mental anguish, and impedes proper treatment and recovery while patient is near death. Uses information gained to fabricate stories to promote herself.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: For her deceptions, receives credit and school recommendations. Now paradoxically teaches courses in Art, Mental Health, PTSD, and works with medical students, faculty, and other patients.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Teaches USF Honors College Health Professions Students.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Teaches Honors capstone course “Connections: Mental Healthcare, Community Engagement, and Art.”

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Courses are taught by an instructor that has frequently lied, falsified academic scholarships, conducted large cover-ups to escape accountability, abused a dying medical patient, and engaged in adultery.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Academic and college ethics, as well as personal integrity severely missing.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Builds her college career on falsehoods, appropriation, massive misconduct, and abuses.

* * * MORE.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * *

An Example of Falsified Rape:

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Woman jailed for crying rape to cover up cheating on her husband

By Telegraph Reporters

A woman who cried rape to cover up cheating on her partner with a taxi driver has been jailed for two years after the infidelity was exposed.

A woman who cried rape to cover up cheating on her partner with a taxi driver has been jailed for two years after the infidelity was exposed.

Gaynor Cooke, 41, claimed she had been subjected to a horrific ordeal in the front seat of a taxi cab in 2003 and reported the incident to police at the time. She was also swabbed for DNA evidence.

In her 18-page statement, she said the rape had made her depressed and suicidal.

It was not until eight years later that police found a match after a taxi driver from Nottingham was arrested for an unrelated incident.

Cooke, formerly of Nottingham but now of Corby, Northamptonshire, was told about the match and the taxi driver was charged. He was due to face trial at Nottingham Crown Court in February 2012.

The driver denied the charge, claiming that he had only had consensual sex with women in his home when he was a single man in 2003.

At the time, Cooke said she was “pleased” a suspect had been identified and could finally could have “justice”.

Cooke originally kept up her lie when visited by a policewoman, saying she intended to proceed with her complaint and had nothing to add to her original statements.

But the lie was eventually exposed when police went to speak to Cooke about the case and a couple in the St Ann’s area of Nottingham told them the rape had been a lie to cover up her cheating on her husband.

When police told Cooke about the couple’s allegation, she admitted “you have got me”. She later confessed that she had been having problems with her partner and had a one-night stand with the cab driver.

She said she had made the false allegation when she realised her husband was angry when she returned home.

After the lie was exposed, the taxi driver was “completely exonerated” and instead Cooke was charged with perverting the course of justice between October 25, 2003, and January 20, 2012.

She wiped away tears as Recorder Shaun Smith QC sent her to prison for two years after she admitted the offence.

He read to her extracts from statements she had given about her “ordeal”. In these she had claimed: “Since I was raped in 2003, I feel my life has been changed for ever. I’m depressed after what happened to me and often feel suicidal.”

The judge told her: “It’s a complete pack of lies. It may only have been for a short period of time, but you have destroyed an innocent life.”

The court heard the taxi driver had been suspended from work as a result of the charge. The stress of the court proceedings had taken a toll on his health and he had been unable to return to work.

“It was a humiliating experience for him,” said Prosector Grace Hale.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * *

The Lies a Cheater Tells

Most cheaters are compulsive liars who also manipulate those around them to get what they want. Cheaters are forced to constantly lie to their friends, coworkers, and family in order to cover their tracks of infidelity. There are certain lies that every cheater tells at some point in order to get away with their affair. Below is a list of some of the lies you might hear the cheater telling their significant other:

1. It was my friend on the phone. – If the person that the spouse is being unfaithful with sends a message or phone call – the cheater will lie about who was on the phone. The cheater could use anyone from a friend to a grandmother as the alleged person who was on the other line. If you suspect that the person is being untruthful about who they were speaking with on the phone, confirm it.

2. I’m not cheating – If the spouse becomes suspicious of the cheater they may question whether or not the cheater is being faithful. A cheater who is not ready to get caught will continue to lie about whether or not they are being faithful. A cheater will make attempts to convince the spouse that they are faithful by repeating “I’m not cheating.” If a cheater can successfully convince their spouse they are faithful, they can continue with the affair.

3. Nothing is wrong – During the affair the spouse who is being cheated on will often sense that something is awry. A cheater, however, will try and convince the spouse that the relationship is perfectly fine. Rather than fix the emotional and sexual problems that are plaguing the relationship, a cheater would rather tell their spouse that nothing is wrong. Many cheaters have a difficult time acknowledging their relationship problems and use their affair as a way to escape.

4. We are just friends – Platonic relationships often have a way of evolving into much more, but a cheater would never hint or acknowledge to their spouse that the relationship has crossed the line. Any indication that a friendship appears to be a deep relationship will be counter-acknowledged with “We are just friends.” Millions of cheaters use the “We are just friends” lie all the time.

5. I was alone or with…. – Cheaters will say they are either by themselves, or even friends and family when they are spending time with their new partner. It is difficult to tell who a person is really spending time with, and cheaters use this knowledge to their advantage.

Cheaters double as compulsive liars and can be quite extravagant with the lies that they tell to their spouses. There are subtle things such as facial twitches and the dilation of eyes that occur when a person is lying. A person can look for subtle biological clues to discover whether a person is being truthful or not. The lies of a cheater are typically cliché and can easily be spotted by a savvy spouse.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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