Heidi Sheldon Smith – Hartford, Indiana

This company skank works for Cigna and loves to fish her conquests off the company pier. Let her know your with the man she’s hoping on and she’ll lie to your face, give you a sad story about how it happened to her and how she called it quits. First chance she gets she’s taking him for another ride. Plays the game. May her son find out one day what a nasty tramp mommy is.

One thought on “Heidi Sheldon Smith – Hartford, Indiana

  1. Please help me. Someone is rewriting my original post and editing my works to not be what I originally posted. Then people are spoofing emails to all parties works attempting to extort money. I am worried for me and son’s safety as someone came to our house to see if it was really us. Please I beg of you. Take this down.

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