Ivette Galvez

So I was in a 14 yr relationship needless to say it wasnt good on both sides.. we had a baby girl two years into it she up and left to texas for someone 21 and she was 34. I faught for my daughter and was forced to take a dna because she said it wasnt mine. Now she was a waitress and cheated on me with a busboy. I faught and the dna test came back it wasnt mine.. 2years to a baby girl who I thought was mine. I moved on and still bothers me today. I got involved in a rebound situation which never was gonna work.. so I didnt have the fight in me anymore.

So my wife today was a waitress.. first few weeks found her texting a old fling if he missed her doggystyle.. while I was there. Provactive pics to someone out of state too.. Should have left there since I told her about what happen to me. She apologized.. I gave in and let it go. Now she mentioned she was illegal idc. Her friend which is a gangbanger in hp always was saying get that white boy money.. I took it as a joke. I liked her and I was all in. Her other friends mom said he long time friend that past was gonna marry her to get legal but now I’m here I can.. now I knew she was with someone in jail for attempting murder and was paying his lawyer while everyone was struggling in her house.. I let it go.. she said she was gonna focus on us
I decided I was gonna make this one work. So together living with family and her own father told me to run.. shes crazy and I should go. I knew they didnt get along but I stayed and backed her up completely. So two years go by we move away because that is all she wanted was her mom her lil brother away from her dad.. always said he was abusive and I never saw anything. Her daughter which she lies to her to this day about her father told her he never wanted anything to do with her which is not true he said he didnt want anything to do with her mother which was just a 1 night stand. I talked to her daughters sisr of the family and got everything straightened out I was lied to too. She told him your either with me and ur daughter or dont ever come around again. Poor girl had been hating her fathers side of the family and it was all her mother’s fault. So..

We get our own place everything was fine until her dad and the neighbors kepted telling me when I went to work she would have random guys over.. she told me it was her gangbanger friend from hp.. ok I was done, being disrespected by everyone couldnt take it and was about to leave and we had relations and she got pregnant. I worked my rear end off and she knew it was hard for me to sign my name because of how many days I was already off.. she didnt have me sign it.. so I work and she stayed home for 4 years after he was born.. lack of affection wanting more than we had I said for xmas see if u can find a waitressing job..

As you can see where this is going.. she works at egg basket and all went well for a few weeks.. She started hiding her phone more.. and hermitting away from the family. I found in Sept 19 pics of her naked and riding another guy full video on a seperate phone in her car.. I confronted her and she said they were for her she made those pics for her.. btw I never seen them before then and the video was a wo called porn.. her face wasnt seen. So I went along and spent 4k on her side of the family few years ago I spent alot on my own family. I loved her family and always gave. Then I seen on the phone bill shes sending multimedia pics to someone who I find out is her no teeth having busboy coworker.. now i went off honesty i said things i shouldnt have I got a OOP against me. Now I go in and find out she said my 6 year old son is not mine… which is killing me to this second not seeing him he was my little punkin and I’m scared to fight incase they force me to take a dna and I loose him for good. I feel he may find me in the future and I may have a chance.. how do you mess with a busboy with no teeth and makes 1/3 of what ur husband makes… now I poked heroin the eye 5 years ago on accidentally because she was biting my arm.. I took the charge.. I didnt want anything to come back on her.. so I took the battery charge. I past the course and classes. My family and friends seem to think that this was all a ploy to get legal. Rumor has it on a domestic case against a legal citizen will get u a Visa for the trama.. that true?. I hate to think 9 years was only to get legal.. and idk how to come back from 2 children being used as pawns because of my big heart for kids. Shes holding my 16k tool box full of tools .. I ended up in therapy for this last 3months and she was trying to brainwash me to thinking I’m a narcissist.. I was diagnosed emapthic.. adhd.. and hypersentivtiy and I blow up as a defense from being hurt.. 2 weeks ago..

Panda bear is who she was cheating with.. a fucking busboy!! JONATHAN KONRATH FROM EGG BASKET IN STREAMWOOD IL.. THEY HIRE ILLEGALS AND GANG MEMBERS.

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