Karen Wheeler — Toronto, Canada

Homewrecking is something Karen never realized she was good at until she got her Rock Star lover to ditch his groupie for the night. He’s cheated many times but Karen rocks! He kicked out his live-in bitch for her and she’s still glowing over this achievement. Keep on rocking in the three world, but not for long, she will get rid of that other tramp soon.

4 thoughts on “Karen Wheeler — Toronto, Canada

  1. She’s a total Fat bitter bitch who will rotten hell I hope she get everything that she deserves she’s a fat loser Jealous bitch of everybody that’s skinnier and much much much much prettier than she could ever imagine to be ugly ugly fat bitch

  2. She’s the biggest fattest ugliest cow but take solace just remember she’s jealous every single day of her fat ugly life of how pretty and thin and beautiful other women are

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