Susan Boyts

Susan Botys, I knew her as Susan Tunget and Miss Susan, from when I was a student at Gateway Elm School in Ridgecrest Calif. Miss Susan slept with my babys daddy in March of 2019. She I believe is 57 and he 29. Miss Susan you are a Skank and by changing your name and hair color does not help.

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  1. Beware She has been seen living at 331 Apartment A Sahara with her bf. Either he does not know yet how big of a Skank she is or he does not care

    Defendant Information: Name: TUNGET, SUSAN Birth Year: 1961
    Case Information: Court Case #: BF163833A Filing Date: 04/13/16 Related Case #: NONE
    Arrest Date: 05/24/16
    Bail Amount: NO BAIL Bail Status: EXONERATED Bail Type: SURETY BOND

    Count Type Code Section Charge Description Charge Disposition Disposition Date
    001 F PC 118 PERJURY DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/21/16
    002 M WI 10980(C)(2) OBTAIN AID BY FRAUD OVER $400 PLED NOLO CONTENDERE 07/21/16

  2. My cousin saw her at Rite Aid. She looks like a meth head who cant walk right whit the hump on her back. Fucking one of her bosses there like she fucked my bf in March 2019.

  3. I have seen her at the mexican restaurant next to Rite Aid and Krispy Donuts by Stater Brothers. Nasty girl who fucked my cousins boyfriend.

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