Trent Wieties cheating on Sarah Wieties using fake name

His real name is Trent Wieties or Trenton Wieties but he told me his name was Terry Norlander. He sent me numerous pictures of himself and his children. Told me he was single and had been cheated on by his ex-wife he called Sarah while he would be out of town for the army. Said has 2 kids and was looking to settle down. Told me his ex-stalks him and ruins every relationship he gets into. After weeks and weeks of talking and chatting and him asking to meet me we agreed to meet in Perryville, MO at the Comfort Inn. We met and hung out, he got us a room and once he was finished, he had to rush out for “work”. After that his number no longer worked and he wouldn’t respond to any of my messages. It was clear he used me for sex and had been lying to me from the beginning. I am so angry I fell for this I searched all over the internet for him and ran across some pictures of him. That is how I found out his real name is Trenton Wieties or Trent Wieties and he is Married to Sarah Wieties or Sarah Lynn Wieties and lives in Collinsville, Illinois or Carlinville, Illinois. He lied about his name the entire time. Not only did he lie but had an affair and used me to do it all. I have read so many horrible things he has done to others that are posted throughout the net. I just am in awe that I fell for this. I just hope he didn’t give me anything and that others can find out about him before he uses them. All he wants is sex. Once he gets some from you then he vanishes. Be careful and watch out for Trent Wieties. I found his Facebook page is “Trent Wee Tees” and it shows he is married. Well his WEE TEES profile is accurate he is WEE small down there. Online I found some other women who say he uses apps to get temp phone numbers to have affairs. The number I have is not being answered and the tinder profile and snap have been cancelled, pics removed, and no responses. It is clear he has done these numerous times to be so efficient in eliminating contact. All of us need to be aware of this predator and stay away as based on all I found he will never stop being a habitual cheater and liar. He will hurt anyone and say anything just to get in your pants. He is a horrible person, horrible in bed, disease spreading, and a jerk. He makes up names and a new story with every new victim. He plays the part of a poor guy who was cheated on and the whole time he is just reversing the role with himself and his wife. He sends nudes of himself and tells you how great you are, he does nothing but compliment you and say what you want to hear until he gets in your pants. He is a mentally disturbed person to do this to so many and continue to hurt people. He has no remorse and will only do what benefits him. He will never stop, and everyone should be wary of this piece of sh*t little boy. Look at all the pictures I found on cheating websites that so many others have reported. See his facebook page he is trying to hide his name so we can’t find him once he screws us over.

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